Seven best tactics to win repeat customers

Many of the marketing is focused on new leads and new sales. Certainly, this part is really important! In order for your business to succeed, if customers are necessary and people have never heard of you, I will not buy from you. But as good as new customers, customers already have one of your most precious resources. According to the report, 40% of the e-commerce revenue comes from regular customers, accounting for only 8% of website visitors.

Maintaining relationships with clients you already know and love can get much more than reaching out to new customers. But that requires work. You can not assume that the progress you have acquired will be a lifetime customer. You need to do your part to make it happen.

1. Promise to provide excellent customer service.
Strong customer service is the most important task you need to promote faithful business. People remember bad customer experiences. In your own story on your head, you can probably think of one or two. They do not want to become a company that complains to social media and their friends.

In order to earn money, your standard needs to provide excellent customer service. At least, I hope all customers receive scheduled products in a timely manner. Beyond that, in the following cases:

Do not overload the explanation of the product that conveys full integrity. He thinks that he buys products to cut and instruct and roll, he will be disappointed. In order to make your product wonderful, give priority to clarity.

Easy to return or cancel. Anyone who finds himself with a product he does not want will cause inconvenience. Also, if you have to return the product or cancel the contract, you must use many tires. You remember discussing your experience with you.

Just do it through another channel. Have you bothered to find a phone number for an unsuccessful business? Were you bored if you wanted to send an e-mail with only one phone number? Depending on the customer, the contact settings may differ. Make it easy to contact with e-mail, telephone, web form, live chat, social media, etc., and explain all the basics.

Please respond quickly and always in good attitude. All claims or inquiries need to be answered as soon as possible and all account managers should be trained to continue as much friendly and professional as possible and seek methods beyond that. Especially sensitive responses can be found.

Your marketing can give you the first impression, but the most important thing customers judge your brand are product quality and customer service.

2. Create a loyalty program.
Let’s say you try to choose between two sandwiches for lunch. They are delicious and cost comparable – but you get a free sandwich for every six you buy and you have two more to go in front of your next empty bag. It makes decision making easier.

People like rewards and promises to regain something to select a brand often influence the direction of decision making. The customer compensation program has various forms. You can use a point system that customers use as a credit card company, offer free of charge after purchasing a large number of sandwich bars and other items, or provide a level that allows you to use specific benefits depending on the number of purchases and amounts . ,

Regardless of the type of loyalty program you are participating in, customers can encourage you to associate money spent on your products with returns.

3. Create a subscription and save program.
This option does not make sense for every company, but if you sell products that consumers are likely to need in weeks or months, you can encourage customers to go back and participate I will. As you sign up for automatic distribution in the future, you will not remember more purchase time and payment process as a whole. And that promises savings in exchange for a longer commitment to doing business with you. If you know that you need more dog food and shampoo in a month, why do not you take advantage of a further 5% discount?

4. E-mail the discount offer and promotion to the customer.
Discount is a proven tactic for increasing sales and a wonderful way to reward faithful customers. As you come back to your customers, you can offer a discount or free article promise at your next purchase with your confirmation email. And even if you do not use this offer, send email to all customers who regularly make a good offer when you come back to buy from you.

Another form that you can take is to encourage discounts at the price of referrals. If the customer likes you so much that you can recommend your friend, give that friend a discount to the customer. Even with small revenue per order, you can earn new customers and regular customers at the same time.
Send regular marketing e-mails.
The discount is good, but if all e-mails you send to your customers are designed to buy from you immediately, that relationship is everything. Obviously you want to buy them but one of the best ways to earn a kindness of a customer is by sending an e-mail that provides valuable information or interesting topics to people who have products and promotions is there.

Use marketing e-mail to share precious content and share brand information that customers may mind. E-mail marketing watches your brand without feeling your customers are still actively selling.

6. Add a wish list or bookmark to your website.
Search more often than many customers can buy. What happens if these customers see their favorite items on the site but can not purchase at that point?

If you do not have a wish list or favorites on your site, you may continue to continue forgetting. However, it is easier for customers to tag items that they would like to purchase at a later date, and if it is easy to access the list of items they like, the chances are higher that they will come back to shopping.

7. Provide experience of personalized website.
If you are offering various products in the online store, you will attract customers who place importance on the value of the product more than others. Using data from past purchases and customer visits you can create a website experience that emphasizes the products of most interest. This allows you to find products more quickly and improve your experience on your ecommerce website. Of course, the possibility of purchasing highlighted related products will increase, so it is a situation of winning.

8. Use target remarketing.
In addition to customizing the customer’s experience on your website, you can also use targeted remarketing to display ads related to the rest of the web while surfing. With remarketing ads, you can display products on pages you’ve viewed on your site, on products you want on the list of products you want, or items that are similar to yours.

For customers who like your items, but they do not always purchase immediately, you can return them to your website. And like other tactics, this is another way to keep your business online while purchasing.

Your business needs a new growing customer, but you really need loyal customers to succeed. Pay time and resources to see if you are already satisfied customers are satisfied.

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