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SMEs accounted for 99% * of all UK businesses in 2016 and 76% * did not hire people outside their home. As the pressure to provide quality service (often sooner) rises, the top people are already wearing a lot of hats.

Passion and diligence rob you away until someone invents a time machine that permits more than 24 hours a day. That’s why successful companies look to technologies to increase productivity and improve competitiveness.

Make sure you do it before your competitors do!

Basic decision on accurate data

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It is obvious, but that is not easy. Entrepreneurs make a bowel selection many good. As business grows, we need to make decisions based on strong data.



Fortunately, technology and cloud services can help turn unfiltered data into useful information. A free tool such as Microsoft Power BI helps convert raw data to meaningful graphics, grasp the trends and extract data directly from many popular cloud applications. This will help you understand the market well and do not assume anything about expansion or diversification that will later regret.

Maximize billable time

With the advancement of Web conferencing and audio tools, applications like Skype for Business can keep good contact with customers without having to go to face-to-face meetings. This travel time can be transformed into more productive work for customers and their customer experiences.

Leave behind the desk

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The key skill for today’s business is that you need to regain productivity from your desk. It is a turning point for many small businesses that enables you to respond quickly to email, update and share documents, manage calendars anytime, anywhere.

Technology like Office 365 makes it possible for companies to work freely to feel the most comfortable. At the same time, they are in contact with customers. Customers expect fast and sophisticated digital exchanges. It also makes it easy to participate in company-wide discussions. Team discussion tools, such as Microsoft teams, keep everyone up-to-date on the same team workspace, from on-site staff to those who make yes / no decisions. You can use the virtual workspace to free disk space on your desktop or office. This may hinder growth as business grows.

Converting without problem

Change does not have to be the same as business interruption or change management. Thanks to the cloud, small and medium enterprises now have access to IT, which was the area of ​​corporate budgets.

Switching to the cloud reduces reliance on your server. This makes it possible to protect and restore data more safely in the event of a disaster. A power outage on one of your sites or on a stolen computer no longer means a loss of critical business or security. In the long term, this will not only save money, but also improve reliability.

Learn from what they knew

Technology is a great business tool, regardless of size or maturity. Can you enjoy the latest innovation? Are you in contact with your customers?

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