How to Maintain a Workflow

Bill Gross is the man who wants to talk when your shop is a bit rusty on the edge. Perhaps you may have wonderful ideas and wonderful strategies, but you can not get the job. Perhaps you are not growing fast enough and everyone in your team may think you will be fine.

Alternatively, your business may be new and not setting up a good workflow model. Bill has seen everything as a certified Evernote consultant based in Tempe, Arizona.

“In my practice, I will cooperate with individual companies and SMEs to make the path to success clearer, more accessible and quicker.” I value strong relationships with partners Our work is based on the trust and complete approach of all cards on the table to solve the problem.

We asked Bill Bill to share the wonderful tips recommended by him and his company, creative thinking for business, new customers, and the mechanism of Evernote. He told it to us:

1. Information hub is necessary
“It is no wonder that many important information goes through cracks on so many platforms and distant clouds,” Bill says. “One of our customers missed a new business as sales information was scattered everywhere, in that case the sales team tracked a lot of time, even if you do not understand it, it got even worse, In the weeks we introduced to Evernote Business, all the tasks, workflows and basic information are collected and readily available, which means less overhead and more overhead. “When putting files in Evernote You can actually use the file. ”

2. Focus on your goals
“Sitting with a new customer does not lose ambition, there is no goal,” Bill says. “Growth of revenue, cost reduction, introduction of 10 additional stores and recruitment of new employees … There is always a goal, which means that companies have the desire to leave energy and energy The goal is drowning in the sea of ​​detail, what you need to do today is when you mean you want to be tomorrow, you have a problem. ”

Bill finds Evernote in various ways. “First, everyday things are better managed and less stressful, understanding what people expect, will dramatically alleviate the daily disarray factors.” We will see the future instead of turning off the fire. ”

Second, by guaranteeing that there are places to live in the goal, the possibility of becoming reality increases. “Targets are written, agreed, not mixed,” says Bill. “A normal bump on the street can not stand in the form of a notebook called” goal. ” No matter how crazy things happen, everyone is always related to a big picture, “What are we going to do? Will you be here?” Ignorance of the goal is no longer an excuse! ”

3. Treat Evernote as a coworker
Bill also recommends treating shared information as an integral part of teamwork. “Evernote is on the desktop as an application on a webpage when you are away from the office and also mobile,” the smartphone app is perfectly beautiful, synchronized and simple for you or your whole team You can add or edit in the immediate vicinity of your choice In Evernote’s office, stability if you feel like Evernote’s colleagues or employees have changed. ”

Proceed to the next step
I thought about integrating Evernote into your business, but if you do not have enough time, please contact a qualified Evernote consultant. Bring a spiritual list of the business problems you want to solve and prepare a very pleasant surprise.

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