7 Apps for Designers: That Everyone Should Know!

Well-designed and attractive apps are one thing, but it seems like app useful for designers is a completely different ball game. These relatively best android apps best mobile app developers are best for designers who need to balance books and save time at work rather than waste hours on social media and there are also some fun and entertaining apps. Continue reading for the complete list and go to the App Store when you’re done.

Behance’s app

Since many of us already know this portfolio website, their apps can also be used on your mobile phone. The main app of Behance is a kind of art gallery where designers can present their project work by project. Behance, owned by Adobe, shows which design projects are the most popular in terms of number of views per page and also has a contact area that allows them to connect. There is also the opportunity to follow your favorite designers, and the Discover feature is the best way to keep up to date with the most advanced and cutting edge design.


This app is a time saver for those who are tempted to lose their free time on social media while they love posts. Provides a schedule, schedule, and time schedules with customers so you can track invoices from customers who have paid on time or late. There is a free trial and a monthly fee of $ 8 thereafter. Check and see if it’s worth it.


This app never seems to go out of fashion; It’s a great task manager for designers working with different devices, from mobile phones to iPads and desktops. Evernote brings together digital files such as receipts, paper sketches, notes and photos in one easy-to-locate location, making it ideal for less organized creativity.


Accounting is now even easier with this free app. Balance books to save extra time with taxes. With a photo option that converts paper receipts into accounting transactions, this app helps manage revenue and expenses for individual and small business owners with up to nine employees (yes, employees can check the same account of the head). Billing can be performed on the run, practically out of pocket. Huge bonus, which is also available for free.

Hack pad

Essentially, the app is a collaborative text editor that calls itself a “real-time wiki”, in which several people each have their own username. It is useful for collaborating on documents such as photos, videos and text. It’s free for personal use but costs $ 2 per user for professional work.


Just when you thought you could not download another app to your phone, there’s an app that cancels everything you’ve downloaded. Freedom is a blockage of the Internet, social media and apps that helps increase work productivity. It works on iPhones, iPads, Macs and Windows computers and helps improve concentration and productivity by blocking your favorite sites with top distractions (without scrolling on Instagram between 9.00am and 5.00pm). There are several ways to schedule daily or weekly blocking sessions, where priority is important.

For those who need a break from Illustrator or just want to use a digital pen, this app for iPad offers a fun way to create digital sketches to stimulate new ideas that need to be presented in visual form, either for your memory or something else quickly show the team. It seems like we’ve come a long way since we designed cocktail napkins.

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