10 easy ways to sell your product in Instagram

Selling your product on your website is not the only way to make a profit. Due to the growing popularity of social commerce, there are no more opportunities to sell online and promote the brand. Instagram with over 700 million users is an engine of social commerce. Approximately 80% of Instagram tracks Instagram activities and 60% say they have discovered new products. For this reason, more brands are promoting products on social networks and are beginning to sell.

These statistics are sufficient for business owners to create Instagram accounts, but it is important to consider viewers. Instagram does not necessarily work for all companies. Because this network places great emphasis on aesthetics and photography, the industry with excellent function is more visual. For example, companies that sell sports equipment are more successful than people selling network cables, for example.

Do not you know if your company has the opportunity to sell on Instagram? In general, we recommend retailers such as clothing, beauty products, household goods, outdoor and sporting goods, automobiles, food and drink.

So, how do you start selling products with Instagram? Let me ten important tips!

Please make sure you have a professional account. The Enterprise Instagram account provides detailed information on your brand and analysis tools that you can use to measure success.

Since Instagram exposing high quality pictures and videos is very visual, professional product photos are the key to attracting followers and enhancing engagement.

Those who focus on storytelling to promote engagement have three reasons to follow Instagram brands. They can post amazing photos, support interesting things, and tell stories that people can identify. Real-time marketing and social stories enable people to share and talk about your brand.

Use the content created by the user. Customers at Gen Y and Gen X prefer to shop especially on Instagram based on what friends have already approved. When they see actual consumers who use products in real life, the chances of trusting the brand will be higher. By using your photos in ads and Instagrams, you’ll gain greater credibility for your brand, increase brand awareness, and increase conversions.

Create an attractive Instagram advertisement. Please take all these user-created photos and use them for your advertisement! West Elm began using user-created content in advertisements and found that users are three times faster than regular standard photos.

Let’s raise awareness under the influence of ambassadors and brands. Let your people love products sell to the first floor. Please add great followers to instructors and bloggers to promote your product and extend your reach. As mentioned earlier, most consumers believe content posted by other consumers is more honest than brand content.

Dialogue with customers. Let’s keep your current customers by posting pictures on your profile and commenting on posts. Building relationships with your customers will encourage them to come back and purchase more!

Search for new customers using hash tag recognition. For paid ads, you can also find new customers by extracting hash tags. Check the relevant hash tags and search for users who will publish their content using these tags. They give them a sequel and try to start a conversation. This will help more potential customers to organically discover your brand.

Please update the profile link frequently. Please confirm that the product you are currently selling or the item to be promoted is displayed on the profile link.

Provide special discount for Instagram followers. Buyers want to feel special. A small discount for a group of buyers in one network increases brand loyalty and fast sales.

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