Microsoft is helping to transform the industrial startup IoT plant into a digital networked power plant

Imagine a factory. Many machines work together in one production line. The company wants everyone to work at its peak, avoiding them at the wrong time, it is important to confuse production. Also, if the right people are not in the right place at the right time, we need to confirm that everything is OK.

You can imagine an elegant control room equipped with a computer that monitors everything. But in many cases it is not.

Instead, we purchase many different machines from different suppliers at different times. There are also programmable controllers, but many machines do not have controllers. The operator walks around. Things unexpectedly collapse.

Aman Gupta and Imran Shafquat who released ThingTrax in 2016 were facing this challenge.

Managing factories in the cloud

ThingTrax has developed an Internet connection device that can communicate with portable devices that comply with industrial devices, devices other than controllers, users of major devices. Get data from these devices into the Azure Cloud database, your own software monitors the data and provides predictive analysis, dashboard, alert, and efficiency data.

ThingTrax can transform the factory of the 19th century into the digital workplace of the 21st century.

Build with Azure

ThingTrax is a cloud application built into Microsoft Azure. Using Azure’s Internet-of-Things (IoT) suite, we process millions of data on thousands of ThingTrax devices each day. Using Azure’s machine learning and analytical techniques, convert that data to valuable information and make real-time alerts for customers.

Collaboration between Microsoft and BizSpark Plus

“We have been working with Microsoft in various ways,” says Aman Gupta, co-founder of the company. “To get the most out of Azure’s IoT suite, we first worked closely with technical experts and helped us guide all the steps.

“Next, I met Microsoft’s key partners to sell our products and increase sales (and Azure’s consumption)”

In addition, ThingTrax leveraged Microsoft ‘s BizSpark Plus, a non – funded program that provides loans, software licenses and other beneficial benefits. This allows Microsoft to reduce costs and use the best Microsoft development tools.

Benefits of Microsoft Partnership

Just as ThingTrax helps increase productivity for industrial customers, avoid unexpected pitfalls, and reduce costs, the relationship with Microsoft,

Reduce costs by providing valuable Azure credits and licenses
Speed ​​up development by software mentoring and expert advice
Approach new customers with marketing and sales support
Add trust relationship with deep involvement with Microsoft
Aman Gupta: “I’m very excited about the partnership with Microsoft, it’s a launch pad and I get hints, advice and support.

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